Looking for An Arm and a Leg?


Here’s some favorite work from my public-radio/freelance days — aka More Stories About Buildings And Food.
And public finance, and climate change. Fun stuff!

Renaissance fair health care

Paying for health care can be like medieval torture. So, Renaissance fair workers got creative.
With NPR’s Planet Money.

Reversal of fortune: Saving Chicago from its own poop.

When a river isn’t a river.
For 99 Percent Invisible.

What happens when a sex club tries to call itself… a church?
(You know, for zoning purposes.)

For Reveal, from the Center for Investigative Reporting.

Want to see Chicago’s segregation?
Ride the El.

And: Take a time-lapse.
For Chicago’s WBEZ.

Corn economics and world hunger.

Our biggest crop? Not a foodstuff. For Marketplace.


Where did Chicago’s old-school donut shops go?

And: In search of the city’s best.
For WBEZ’s Curious City.

IL-Budget-REAL216x149 If there’s no state budget, where do tax dollars go?

Strange-but-true answers, from Illinois’ two-year budget impasse.


How billiards created the modern world

One word: Plastics.
For 99 Percent Invisible.

Closed Casket poster thumbnail “Baudelaire in a Box” celebrates the poet of failure

An oddball marathon celebrates the poet of spleen.  For NPR’s
All Things Considered


Miami condo-buyers aren’t homeowners.

They’re traders.
So, rising sea levels? Not their issue.
For Marketplace

The MCC: Chicago’s Jailhouse Skyscraper

For 99 Percent Invisible.

Why you can’t help paying four bucks for a latte

A neuro-economist explains. For WBEZ.

ChicagoFlag216x150 How screwed is Chicago, really?

Will it become a second Detroit? For Marketplace

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