Looking for An Arm and a Leg?



Renaissance fair health care

Paying for health care can be like medieval torture. So, Renaissance fair workers got creative.
With NPR’s Planet Money.

RenFairHealth216x151  TrusteesAtBeaverDamfrLostPanoramas_216x150

Reversal of fortune: Saving Chicago from its own poop.

When a river isn’t a river.
For 99 Percent Invisible.

What happens when a sex club tries to call itself… a church?

(You know, for zoning purposes.)
For Reveal, from the Center for Investigative Reporting.

TheSocialClub w Church icon.jpg  

Want to see Chicago’s segregation?
Ride the El.

And: Take a time-lapse.
For Chicago’s WBEZ.

Corn economics and world hunger.

Our biggest crop? Not a foodstuff. For Marketplace.

Corncobs thumbnail  Glazed-donut-by-Evan-Amos

Where did Chicago’s old-school donut shops go?

And: In search of the city’s best.
For WBEZ’s Curious City.

If there’s no state budget, where do tax dollars go?

Strange-but-true answers, from Illinois’ two-year budget impasse.


How billiards created the modern world

One word: Plastics.
For 99 Percent Invisible.

“Baudelaire in a Box” celebrates the poet of failure

An oddball marathon celebrates the poet of spleen.  For NPR’s
All Things Considered

Closed Casket poster thumbnailMIamiTowers216x151

Miami condo-buyers aren’t homeowners.

They’re traders.
So, rising sea levels? Not their issue.
For Marketplace

The MCC: Chicago’s Jailhouse Skyscraper

For 99 Percent Invisible.

Why you can’t help paying four bucks for a latte

A neuro-economist explains. For WBEZ.

How screwed is Chicago, really?

Will it become a second Detroit? For Marketplace


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