Older work, a few things I’m especially proud of:

Data-heavy investigations for Catalyst Chicago:

CHA’s Commuter Kids, 2001
When Chicago tore down much of its public housing, families scattered to homes in far-flung neighborhoods– but the schools stayed put, and many of the kids commuted back.

Can middle-class kids be lured back? 2002
As Chicago’s schools made their pitch, we looked at how big the middle-class exodus was: As white homeowners became a bigger presence in gentrifying areas, they actually sent fewer children to local schools.

Narrative peeks into the city’s odd corners, for the Chicago Reader:

The Pink Nun, 2003
A chastity advocate with art-school training hits the streets in a hot-pink habit, hawking buttons and fridge magnets with slogans like “Lock your cock” and “You ain’t gettin’ nun!”

Johnny joins the freak-bike gang, 2004
How cubicle-rat Jon-Richard Little transformed himself into Rat Patrol apostle Johnny Payphone, spending his days and nights scrounging for useful junk– and edible food.

A tear-jerker from Crain’s Chicago Business:

When death comes to work, 2006
Obituaries don’t list co-workers as “survivors,” but they grieve too.

Lots more stuff on the Wayback Machine page, from the Chicago Reader, Crain’s Chicago Business, Catalyst Chicago, and other local publications.

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