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Chicago’s leading free weekly Chicago’s business weekly
(Site requires registration, first 8 weeks are free.)
Just don’t do it!
A profile of the Pink Nun, a post-modern, sex-positive (kinda) abstinence advocate

Johnny joins the freak-bike gang
Johnny Payphone’s adventures with the Rat Patrol

What does the GOP know about you?
The Republicans’ secret weapon  is your credit-card bill

Breaking the chains
Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood commissions a study to show the value of locally-owned businesses

Defending the strip
Results of the Andersonville study

When death comes to work
They aren’t listed in obituaries, but co-workers and even more distant associates can be left bereft by the sudden death of a colleague.

Info Junkie:
A weekly feature on the media habits of prominent Chicagoans

Devoted reader:  Cardinal Francis George

Trained eye:  CTA Director Frank Kruesi

Reading chair:  Former Illinois Gov. Jim Thompson

Capitol connector:  U.S. Rep. Danny K. Davis

Media connoisseur: Restaurateur Charlie Trotter

Daley papers:  Chase bank exec William Daley

Mag maven: Playboy CEO Christie Hefner

On the Clock:  People talk about what they do all day—a weekly homage to Studs Terkel in 300 words or less.

Skin colorer:  Hannah Aitchison, tattoo artist

Glam guard:  Danielle Leyson, door manager at SoundBar

Pest zapper:  David Galvan, exterminator

Tot sticker:  Janet King, phlebotomist at Children’s Memorial Hospital

Independent reporting on city schools
CHA’s commuter kids
As Chicago’s public housing tumbles, hundreds of displaced students return to their old neighborhoods for school every day.

The tale of Omar Shareef
An activist falls from grace, into an indictment.

Zero tolerance keeps Mr. Gorecki busy
A day in the life of a school disciplinarian

The Gale chronicles
Two contentious months in the life of an overcrowded elementary school.

You’re being microtargeted
I may find it a little creepy that Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman know what magazines I subscribe to, but does that make it bad for democracy?
You can’t get much better than that“Chapter 1 of the book Putting the Arts in the Picture, published by the Center for Arts Policy at Columbia College Chicago.The book makes a case for arts integration– an education strategy in which students learn traditional academic subjects through arts-based projects.  Other contributors are big names in the field. I’m honored to be here with them.
Invasion of the Little People
More kids drop out of local high schools than official numbers say.At struggling school, reform is in the script
Elvis is alive on the West Side, and he looks about nine years old.
My education columns for this local weekly won an award in 2004:

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