The Obama administration releases its “Clean Power Plan” to fight climate change

In June 2014, the Environmental Protection Agency released its proposal for regulating carbon emissions from existing power plants. Marketplace laid out the economics behind the proposal and the logistics of implementing it.

May 30: EPA rules may give some states a head start
A quick look at how state emissions and policies compare.

May 30: One estimate of the cost of new EPA rules: $51 billion
When is that not a lot of money? When you compare it to the $17 trillion U.S. economy.

June 2: We’re already halfway to meeting the EPA’s new CO2 limits
That’s the good news. The bad news: The next half is the hard part.

June 23: The value of “second-best” solutions to fight global warming
A carbon tax is a bug bomb. Everything else is running around your apartment with a flyswatter.

August 8: EPA rules may zap Kentucky jobs, but not coal jobs
Those are mostly gone already. But the state’s heavy industry relies on cheap coal power.

August 7: How Texas could live with lower emissions
The Lone Star State has some of the highest emissions– and some ready alternatives to coal.

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