How about pop-up helmet kiosks for Divvy Bikes?


Seven-year-old Maurice Neuman checks out one of Divvy’s new bikes. He and his father, Larry, rode to Daley Plaza from their South Loop home to check out the new station. (WBEZ/Robin Amer, via flickr Creative Commons)

I am loving Divvy Bikes, the city’s new bike-share system, and two things happen pretty much every day:

1. People ask me about the system when I’m checking out a bike or returning one. They like the idea, and when I explain the details, they like it even better.

2. I forget my helmet! I use my own bike to ride around the neighborhood at home, so my helmet lives in my garage, with the bike. When I’m headed out the door to catch a train, I don’t think to stop there.

Today, I took part of my lunch hour to ride a Divvy to a bike store near the Loop and bought one.

But if there had been a Divvy Ambassador (or anybody, really) at the train station– I take Metra to Ogilvie– ready to sell me one, I would have so appreciated it.

I can’t be the only person like this. There’s gotta be a bunch of us who are realizing that we need a second helmet, ready to bring downtown.

How about it? Maybe the Active Transportation Alliance can lend a hand? Or a local bike shop with plenty of inventory could partner up?

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