Vanilla radio, more or less


Is salt mined under Chicago?
From WBEZ’s “Curious City.”

The brain science of the “Latte Dilemma”: Are you really gonna pay $4 for coffee?
A neuro-economist explains.
From WBEZ’s “Venture”

The MCC: Chicago’s Jailhouse Skyscraper
From 99 Percent Invisible, with the remarkable Roman Mars

The Mirage: A fake tavern that exposed real corruption (ten bucks at a time)
For “Venture” on WBEZ
January, 2012

If robots can write news stories… can they go to meetings for me?
part 2 of “You, Robot

Chicago’s segregation, seen via time-lapse on the CTA Red Line
From WBEZ’s “Race Out Loud.”

As ink-and-paper fades, what happens to newsstands?
For “Venture” on WBEZ
December, 2011

Matisse: Radical Invention
for The Strand, BBC World Service.
August 2010


The One O’Clock Fight
for, Chicago Public Media.
June-December 2008


Wells Walkout
from, Chicago Public Media
October 2007

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