Some recent/favorite stories

A hard look at corn economics… 
And world hunger

Our biggest crop isn’t really a foodstuff. From Marketplace.


Greenpeace used Legos to attack Shell.
And won.

From Marketplace.

Can you hear me now? Not in rural areas

How calls fail to rural landlines. 100 years of telephony in 90 seconds. From Marketplace.

Antique Phone Booth by Jack Snell via flickr

Reversal of fortune: Saving Chicago from its own poop.

From 99 Percent Invisible, with the remarkable Roman Mars.

Where did Chicago’s old-school donut shops go?

And: In search of the city’s best. From WBEZ’s Curious City.


Chicago’s segregation, seen via time-lapse on the CTA Red Line

From WBEZ’s Race Out Loud.

The brain science of the “Latte Dilemma”: Are you really gonna pay $4 for coffee?

A neuro-economist explains.


Surviving Torture:
A tale of two Marios

From Latino USA

The MCC:  Chicago’s Jailhouse Skyscraper

From 99 Percent Invisible.

The Mirage: A fake tavern that exposed real corruption

One of journalism’s all-time great stings, executed by the Chicago Sun-Times in 1978.

More coming soon.

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